Breathing new life into whiskey

Whiskey Villa uses authentic methods at a historic distillery to forge an unparalleled experience.


About Whiskey Villa

The basic process of making whiskey hasn’t changed in hundreds of years. Variations make all the difference to the quality, flavour and authenticity of the spirit.

Whiskey Villa has developed an exclusive whiskey which respects absolute tradition. By taking complete care of the entire operation from start to finish, we are able to provide a unique whiskey experience, one batch at a time. It’s unrivalled by commercial distilleries.

The Whiskey Villa Experience

It’s not just our process that’s different. We’re using our brand, our bottle, our accessories, our drinking preferences and competitions to bring the Whiskey Cocktail back to life.



All our whiskey is peated single malt, made in a small village in the West of Ireland. It’s produced using Irish mountain water, locally grown barley, locally cut turf, before being triple distilled in traditional copper pot stills. The whiskey then matures in unique aged casks handcrafted in the distilleries cooperage.

The Earth

As the name suggests, The Earth is earthy, peaty and grounded in taste and tradition. Despite being our entry level whiskey, the taste is exceptional.

The Moon

Baked, grounded and energised by the moon cycle, The Moon brings a new element to the whiskey making process. This adds enormous depth and flavour.

The Spirit

The Spirit is our top of the line single malt whiskey. Baked by the moon, with ancient Celtic symbols and secret processes. This adds complexity, variety and a little surprise.



There are hundreds of brilliant cocktail waiters & waitresses in major cities, seeking competitions to showcase their skills. In order to win, you have to use the whiskey of choice.

Whiskey Villa will host country by country whiskey competitions, where bartenders can win cash prizes for the best whiskey-based cocktail. Social media is already a hub of activity for bar events, which we will utilise by enabling online voting.

Our whiskey will be stocked in each city where competitions are held. Lead bartenders all have a say as to what brands they work with. As such, our dominance at competitions will pave the way for distribution at top bars around the world.

Initial License Offering (ILOCX)

Take Part in our ilo

Whiskey Villa is taking part in an Initial License Offering (ILO) to build an army of followers who want to make money and do something exceptional, while developing new connections.

An ILO helps early stage companies like us to raise capital and foster a network of passionate and like-minded people. We’re raising money to bottle our first few casks, launch our competitions and start a whiskey revolution.

€13.00 PER ILO
10,000 UNITS
TO RAISE €130,000